Brian Nice has created and published a fantastic book titled "Rescue Tails, Portraits Of Dogs And Their Celebrities",   which includes various celebrity stars as singer Jack Johnson, surfing great Kala Alexander, actress Fran Drescher, Tommy Hilfiger and their pets in their most relaxed states.

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Photography Profession

His Profession

Brian is a reknown fashion and beauty photographer with over 30 years professional experience. After receiving an AA in Science and a BFA from RIT, he began his career in Australia, which carried on to Paris, France and now is based out of New York City. He has shot for esteemed international magazines such as ELLE, Red Magazine London, Madame Figaro Paris, Seventeen, Self, Shape, Cosmo and Marie Claire. Additionally L'Oreal, Oil of Olay, Fila, Payot Paris and Givenchy Paris have hired Brian to create memorable images for their ad campaigns.

Brian Has Many Talents

One of Brian's passions is landscape photography. Brian worked on a Father and Son project in Greenland called "Meltdown" where Brian took photographs as his father, Don Nice painted the iceburgs while Michelle Ichaun filmed the documentary. The entire experience was presented at Pace Editions in New York City and again, was called "MELTDOWN". This was a heartfelt dream come true for Brian, he had wanted to do something like this with his father and as he usually did when he wanted something, he made it happen.

Brian has drawn his diaries in cartoon form for years. He has just published a book called "Rescue Tails - Portraits of Dogs and Their Celebrities". He donates the funds from this book to the Humane Society and Much Love in Los Angeles, California as Brian was aware of the struggles both organizations suffered due to losing funds to the Katrina dissaster. He also has an outstanding sense of humor. He created a cartoon magazine titled "Booger Boy". A hilariously comical look at a little boy and his fascination with his boogars.

Brian is an animal lover as well. Brian had a constant companion in Buster, his pug. Buster had had some eye issues and Brian was helped by the humane society in Busters healing. Brian shows his appreciation by creating and publishing "Recue Tails". Again, all proceeds go to the Humane Society and Much Love. Buster passed away suddenly this past July at Brian's feet in bed. This was a great loss for Brian. This is a man of heart. He is aware of others needs and is willing to show up when needed.

Currently Brian has put together a new style of photography which demonstrates how he sees after his bleeds and his surgeries.

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Portraits Of Dogs And Their Celebrities

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