Brian Nice has created and published a fantastic book titled "Rescue Tails, Portraits Of Dogs And Their Celebrities",   which includes various celebrity stars as singer Jack Johnson, surfing great Kala Alexander, actress Fran Drescher, Tommy Hilfiger and their pets in their most relaxed states. More here.

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The Family Story

Family Life Before His First Malformation Bleed

Life before his first malformation bleed, Brian was married. Had just had a daughter a few years earlier. He had a dog, a Pugh named "Buster". Brian had a prestigious photography career. He had built his dream home just steps from Dish Beach where he was an avid wind surfer and surfer in Montauk, N.Y. Brian actually did a great deal of the construction himself.

Unfortunate Challenges Come Into Brian's Life

Full of so much uncertainty Brian faces a very confusing time in his life so full of obsticles and unforseen changes. The impact of this type of experience alone on the neuro patient is immense in their constant efforts to better themselves through rehabilitation as well as with their personal thoughts and fears that accompany such a traumatic experience let alone face all the complications life can throw at them.

What complications you may ask? Aside from struggling to survive, the biggest obstacle was Brian's homelife and relationship. Brian was served and shocked by a divorce just days preceding his second brain surgery. If you would like to know more about this time please ask Brian about it on his blog. Brian has prevailed above these crazy and lonely times and continues to rehabilitate even when most would "throw in the towel".

His Life Changed Dramatically And He Needs Support

After Brian's surgeries. Brian is left with nothing but a broken heart and his immense drive to heal to be there for his daughter. Brian is alone living with the thought of his failed relationship. He has no money as he is unable to continue his photography career. He has no house it was sold while he lay in the hospital struggling to survive. He lives with his mother and father who take care of him in their New York home.

He is currently working hard to recover at Helen Hayes and at his parent's home in New York. He keeps his sense of humor and he is loved and supported by many as he has loved and supported so many. His parents and sister take Brian through his day, taking care of all of his needs.

In Brian's new life he is in a wheel chair fighting to walk again. Brian needs to be helped doing the regular daily things we all take for granted. As Brian's family is able to be there to take care of him, there is a need for financial help.

There is a long journey ahead with endless possibilities. Brian is open to going the journey.

Thanks for taking the time to start to get to know Brian. Make no mistake, he is working very hard to recover everyday.

My name is Brian Nice. I'd like your help.
Thank you for reading My TBI Story.

Portraits Of Dogs And Their Celebrities

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